Travel Tips on Cancun Mexico

So, my pal, Music with Ms. Carissa asked today about my travel tips for Cancun, Mexico. Here goes!

  1. Be prepared for a wait through customs to enter Mexico. Bring an ink pen so you can fill out your customs form while you wait in that long line. Yes, you have to fill out that bottom section of the form too. You’ll see what I mean… Be patient, the beach isn’t going anywhere.
  2. Leaving the airport: If your resort hasn’t arranged a bus/driver for your convenience, you can easily find a ride as you are walking out the exit through the gauntlet of taxi drivers. Or, you could just email my pal, Jose & he can hook you up with any one of his tour escort drivers that have access to the airport.
  3. There is a margarita stand at the exit of the airport. It is expensive. If you’re thirsty and ready to party, there’s no point in being cheap now.
  4. The drive to the “hotel zone” can be long, but the strip sits on a beautiful set of beach… so relax & enoy that margarita you bought.Isla Mujeres Mexico Travel Cancun
  5. Don’t drink too much alcohol on your first day. I repeat, don’t drink too much… in fact, take that advice for the duration of your entire trip.
  6. Wear sunblock and a big floppy hat… at all times the sun is out.
  7. Drink alot of water (from a bottled source).Mexico Cancun Travel Swimming
  8. Nachos are not authentic Mexican cuisine. Go to Mocambo’s on either Isla Mujeres or in the Hotel Zone. Try their ceviche, you won’t be disappointed.
  9. I’ve never been to Coco Bongos & probably never will, so I can’t vouch for them. However, the alley behind their place has a killer taco stand that makes an authentic al pastor that will set your taste buds a gas.
  10. Check out the funky market at Mercado 23. Buy a piece of pottery as your souvenir. You’ll smile when you put your salsa, guacamole or chips in it while you’re stuck back home wishing you were back on the beach in Mexico.


For some detailed locations to check out during your travels to Cancun Mexico, visit my Google Map

Cancun Mexico To Do Map Travel
Here’s a link to my Cancun Mexico Travel To Do Google Map

Ole! National Margarita Day

Here’s a photo of a lovely margarita I enjoyed while visiting Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It’s a scenic island just north of the popular tourist destination of Cancun.

National Margarita Day Permanent Workation

Many of you have asked if I feel safe in Mexico. Let me start by saying yes, but… I do not venture too far from the general tourist areas. I am not looking for drugs or other ways to cause trouble. I spend alot of time in the ocean and always travel with friends. I do not drink too much alcohol while I am visiting and am always alert. Sounds like common sense, cause it is.

Stupid things happen to stupid people doing stupid things all the time. That being said, don’t be a stupid person. Always watch your back. Pretend like you have a third eye. Trust your gut, if you think it might be unsafe and your intuition feels that way, it probably is.

Melissa Behring Mexico Margarita Travel

Not just Bull Durham anymore

We spent a quick 48 hours in Durham, North Carolina this past weekend. There’s alot to do in a small space and time.

Here’s a recap of our experiences and our recommendations for your next visit to Durham.

First, make note of RDU. That is the acronym for Raleigh – Durham airport. Delta and Southwest are both main carriers that fly in and out of the Raleigh Durham Triangle area daily. In fact, we had direct flights on smaller planes through Delta at a very affordable rate.

RDU is small and concise airport. It has two terminals and you can easily navigate them quickly and efficiently.  Everyone from TSA to the Starbucks team are friendly, representing true Southern hospitality. No need to run through here. You can see from one end of the terminal to the other. You’d have a hard time missing your gate a RDU.


Since we’re from Detroit, and I spent quite a bit of time marketing the Ford Mustang, Avis rental car was more than happy to rent us a bright cherry red new 3.8 Liter. Good thing they didn’t give us a 5.0! We had a hard enough time not putting the pedal down on the smaller engine. Avis is a short seven minute bus ride away from the terminal. The staff was friendly and very easy to deal with. They had us in and out and well on our way before we could say “Ford Mustang”.

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