An Early Journey with my Great Uncle Stan

When I was a young girl, my Great Uncle used to drive the Greyhound bus routes. I always found it fascinating that he traveled for a living and often wondered what his life was like. One day, my they arranged for me to go on a trip. My Aunt Betty accompanied me and we had some great laughs along the way. I remember when my Grandma Doris and Grandpa Chuck dropped me off at the bus. We took photos in front of the bus and I was wearing my favorite jeans. It was exotic to spend a whole day away with them riding along on the open road. It’s funny now when I think about it. The route was just to Saginaw or maybe Flint only a few hours away from my home town. To me though, it was like going around the world. I think journeys like this with my family helped encourage my inner gypsy and the need to travel. Aunt Betty and I sat in the front seats right by my Uncle. His neatly pressed uniform and shining badge impressed me. He had a cap and a great smile welcoming the passengers. I’ll never forget that day. I’m grateful for the experience because I find traveling a relief and always look forward to going somewhere else. Over the last few months, my Uncle’s been pretty ill. I recently received a message from my family that he’s now driving bus for God. At times like this it’s hard to be away from everyone at home and these are the moments when I wish my gypsy travel bug weren’t so persistent. But alas, I am with them in my heart. R.I.P.

The White River

When we got off the ship in Ocho Rios a gang of our friends all jumped in a bus together to go on a 30 minute boat ride to a place that we heard about from some of the other dancers called the “Blue Hole”. We heard that it had beautiful waterfalls and pools of deep beautiful clear blue water. The photos really just don’t do it justice. But we had a great time diving off the cliff and using the rope swing. It was a great experience. I have some video that I will upload to my youtube channel and post here soon. (There’s a challenge with any quick internet connections and so it takes quite a bit of time to just get a photo posted.)

The Blue Hole Jamaica

More stories from the Blue Hole to come.