Subway, Colon, Panama

Funny things happen when you have been traveling for a month. The smallest reminders of home become sources of great joy. The other night, we stopped in Colon after passing through the Panama Canal (again). This was our third time through the Canal. The entire crew was really looking forward to getting off the ship for some food ashore, access to the internet and some snacks from the Super 99 grocery store. It took a bit longer to get off the ship than we all anticipated, but we had about an hour to run our errands and get a bite to eat. We got some more canned octopus, crackers, peanut butter plus a few other snacks to share with our friends. Then as we were rushing back to the ship, we saw our friend Viki and she was eating a sandwich…. Subway to be exact. It sounded really good, so we asked her where she found it. Silly us, it was two doors down from the grocery store. So we ran over there and waited in a short line to split a Subway Club on wheet, Number 4, “Quatro”. At home, I rarely eat Subway because we cook at home so much… But I really enjoyed that the other day.