A Rundown of Famous People from Michigan

The other night, we went to a Bruno Mars concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. When “Bruno” introduced the band, ended up that the guitar player was from Detroit. Then a week or so after, we went to Meadowbrook to see FUN. Turns out one of the songwriting guys in that group is also from Michigan. So I started thinking about all the folks who were born in Michigan and ended up being pretty well known in the entertainment business.

For instance:

Jeff Daniels, Actor
Madonna, Pop Artist
Bettye Levette, R&B Singer
Ted Nugent, Rock Artist
Bob Seger, Rock Artist
Kid Rock, Rock Artist
Eminem, Rap Artist
Chad Smith, Drummer from Red Hot Chili Peppers
Aretha Frankly, R&B Singer
Smokey Robinson, R&B Singer
Vinnie Dombrowski, Rock Artist
Tim Allen, Actor

I am sure there are many others that I am forgetting… But this is a good representation of the talent that has historically been produced by the Mitten.