Updated Travel Photo Navigation

I noticed that our travel photos page was broken and our feed from Flickr wasn’t showing up. So, I took a little time this morning to rewrite the code to feature a drop down menu under the Travel Photo tab.

I love how you can now see many of the photo albums of places that we’ve visited all over the world by just looking at a list instead of trying to scroll for an eternity. I’m sure I’ll have to revisit this again as I haven’t even begun to upload our content from places in Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy living vicariously through our travel pictures.

P.s. Can you believe I started this blog 4 years ago? Wow!

Summer Sunday Afternoon in Siena Italy


I can only imagine how fantastic it must be to hang around in Siena at the Piazza del Campo while the horses race through the streets. We happen to be down in the center of town during a Sunday afternoon brief summer parade. Not quite sure what was going on other than the local folks put on quite a display marching around the city with drums pounding and flags waving.


It was invigorating to hear the booming compound from rooftop to column through the cobblestone streets. The rain paused for a moment that day while everyone seemed to be enjoying a burratta and prosecco in the cafes.


With the brief respite of the sun, we were able to wander quite far through the town and past several of their major church landmarks. It’s amazing how many religious icons, fantastic architecture, amazing sculptures, paintings, famous cuisine and fantastic bottles of wine Italy can jam into the most unassuming small spaces.