Consideration for the Travel Addict

I really believe there is a gene or some other internal influence that causes us to want to travel and be on the road so much. I think there’s some gypsy spirit inside me or some other kind of societal rogue. My feet are constantly moving and even when I sit still my brain runs will off to some forbidden shore. In order to help myself come to terms with this inner nagging voice, I’ve been reading Eckhardt Tolle’s book,The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

It seems that the music and enterainment has always paid for this habit to grow. Now I’m trading all my personal home time to be on the road seeing the world and singing for the people. Can’t be in town but for a few minutes. I really love to visit and just pass through. I know most people don’t understand why we do it it. Frankly sometimes it’s actually just because we can. I can’t let the opportunity slip by. I’ve got to chase my dreams up into the sky. I’m not really sure if anything will ever come of what I’m doing myself. But as I said, I just can’t give up.

I wanna be instrument in the greater global good. I wanna spread love all over the world. I don’t really fit in here, but I also don’t fit out there. Is there Somebody who can help me find out what I’m supposed to be, where I’m supposed to be and how on earth to get there. (According to Eckhardt I’m just supposed to “be”.)