Melissa Behring

I have pursued many careers in my life and have a broad diversified background.

There has only been one constant, music. I have always been a singer and musician.


I’m a self professed mermaid. In the early 1990’s, I was a lifeguard on the Great Lakes in Northern Michigan. Once, it snowed in June while I was at work on the beach.

In high school, I was a record holding competitive swimmer, a state champion spring board diver, a young mezzo soprano singer and a closet hard rocker. Thanks to Nirvana, I can actually just be me & “Come as You Are”.

I studied Voice Performance and English, receiving a double major from Central Michigan University in 1998. Many people have asked if I feel my career has benefitted from my degree. 100% absolutely grateful for my college education.

In the late 90’s, I moved to Detroit and lived in several suburbs before landing in Royal Oak.

I worked on early days of internet based advertising for local buisnesses with Microsoft. I spent several years in the print publishing industry for Entertainment Publications. I even spent a bit of time in product development working on a online coupon engine that would tie to your bank card.

I spent several years during the great economic downturn working in advertising at the former JWT/Wunderman/Team Detroit firm with the guys from Ford Motor Company and Microsoft. I first started there launching and educating buyers online about their in-car handsfree entertainment system, called SYNC. I also helped create innovative campaigns for the Mustang (2010 model year) and the relaunch of the Taurus. Those two campaigns were the most fun cause we got to create a digital 3-D model online of the Mustang and have it do burn outs and figure 8’s. The Taurus we raced against an Audi and it won. We also dumped a load of rocks on it to prove that we had better lasting paint.

All the time I was working on a full time corporate America career, I also was the lead singer in the Detroit based band, 7 Million Jigawatts. My now husband of over 10 years, Jake Tobias & I launched the group from the wreckage of the Mr. Happy Cover Band in 2003. Hard to believe that we’ve been together playing music for so long.

Melissa Behring Vocals Jake Tobias Guitar New Deal Party Band Princess Cruises
Performing musical favorites at the Thunder Bay Concert Series in Alpena Michigan.

In 2003, I took my first trip outside of North America to London to see David Bowie at Wembley and Radiohead at Earle’s Court with Jake. That was the bite of the world that started me down the path becoming a self proclaimed travel junkie.

Our next big international adventure was 10 days between Padderborn Germany, Cologne and Paris France in 2008. And to think I didn’t even want to visit the City of Light… Loads of great stories from this trip.

In 2010, I left advertising to start my own company, Dream Town Media. I wanted to help artists and musicians navigate the online world through social media and helping to produce/publish their music and art. It’s a had road running your own thing, but every project that I work on is rewarding and I feel like it’s helping to preserve creativing.

In 2011, Jake & I joined a band of musicians going to work for Princess Cruises. That was the birth of the blog and the next big step in my career as a performer. We spent over 6 years, 7 nights a week on about 11 contracts, with the New Deal Band performing on various ships in the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet all over the world.

Jake Tobias Melissa Behring New Deal Party Band Princess
As seen on board various vessels performing for Princess Cruises, Jake Tobias & Melissa Behring of the New Deal Band.

Looking down the road at 2017, I am excited about where the next life adventures will take me.

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