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Photos of Budapest

Folks, here’s some great shots from Europe and Hungary’s greatest treasure, Budapest.

Food food food food, Hungarian Food

let me tell you if you think you can get fat and Italy you can. But there’s no way you could stay thin in Budapest. I can’t get over how fantastic the food is and how easy it is to find something that you were going to love to consume. You’re going to be sad when your meal is over and wish you could start again. 

On our first night we went for a wander around our little neighborhood. There are so many great smells from the street and it was a holiday weekend when most places would be close the next day so every restaurant was bustling with activity. Each hostess standing in the street recognizde that we spoke English and offered to help us with the menus.

The area we chose to eat was Liszt Ferenc square. Right by the Liszt school & loads of statues of Franz Liszt. The Cafe Vian had outdoor seating and a large menu. The staff was super friendly & went out of their way to recommend some great local Hungarian wine & dishes. I has traditional Chicken Paprikash – my favorite Hungarian dish.  

Chicken Paprikas Budapest Hungary
Chicken Paprikas @ Cafe Vian

Jake ordered the Duck Breast prepared medium rare with a creamy pepper sauce. I always thought the French had a good handle on their au poivre sauce, but I now know the Hungarians do it better. (Yes, I said it!) His sauce was spicy & sharp like biting int a peppercorn the cream didn’t over power or cut the flavor of the sauce… To die for! 

Jake & his Duck Budapest
Jake & his Duck

Lastly we had some sweets. The Hungarians are famous for desert. It was a hard decision since everything on the menu sounded great and the people next to us had amazing looking sweets at their table. In the end, in honor of J’s Dad’s favorite we had lemon meringue pie. Wow! Never had better. I’m certain the crust was a pound of butter & it was not flaky in the sense I’m used to but I started from the back with the crust first. 

Budapest Food Travel
Oh the sweet finale the Lemon Pie

Throwback Thursday #TBT Haribo Gummi Bears

When Jake first started visiting Germany well before I ever knew him, he developed a child-like love for Haribo Gummi Bears. He always says that they contain gelatin so they are good for arthritis. I’m not really sure that is true, but he can argue from a scientific perspective all day long. In general when I eat them my joints don’t hurt as much… But then again, I’m alot happier when I eat them. So who really knows their effectiveness as a cure for that old age ailment. One thing is for certain, they are darn good.

Haribo Gummi Bears
Haribo Gummi Bears

When we visited Hamburg for the first time, we actually found the “Gummi Bear Tree Store”. I loved it. It’s called Baeren Treff. I bought about 15 lbs of “bears” on that first trip to Germany. Every time we have been back, I have done the same. We used to have them for desert as treats when we would have parties at our house. Everyone loved them. We have quite a few German Ex-pat friends here in the Detroit area and they are even kind enough to stash an extra bag or two in their luggage upon returning from visiting their families. However, I think it’s been about 4 years since I’ve had a bag of Erdbeer-Milchshakes… My favorite gummies are the Strawberry Milkshakes. They have cream on the bottom half and strawberry on the top, and they are poured into little milkshake glass moulds. Super cute and fun.

Baeren Treff Gummy Bears
Baeren Treff Gummy Bears

I’m looking forward to seeing if I can find some of the Baeren Treff Gummies while we are in Germany on the Baltic Sea.

Haribo Happy Cola Gummi Candy
Haribo Happy Cola Gummi Candy

Scoozi Breakfast Skillet Interpretation

When Jake & I port in Vancouver, we have a favorite breakfast haunt that is just a 5 minute walk up Howe Street from Canada Place. The owner and staff are super friendly at Scoozi and their cuisine is a bit Mediterranean inspired. They over a breakfast skillet that is to die for with many different ingredients tailored to your personal liking. Select from both vegetarian and meat lover options.

Melissa's Scoop on Scoozi Breakfast
Melissa's Scoop on Scoozi Breakfast

Her’s my take on a Scoozi breakfast skillet favorite from Vancouver.


1/2 baked potato sliced to line the pan. (I use a left over one)
1/2 zucchini sliced
6 grape tomatoes sliced
Parsley Salt & pepper
2 eggs scrambled with 1/4 cup skim milk
1/4 cup grated Parmesan

Layer ingredients in greased pan ( I use Pam)
Top with eggs & cheese ( do onto over fill)

Bake at 375 for 40 minutes or until eggs are cooked through

I hope you enjoy!

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