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Eatin’ Good

Limon, Costa Rica
Limon, Costa Rica

Mom, Don’t worry, I’m eating good. This was an amazing salad of avacado and cucumber with some light seasoning that I had at La Riena’s on the beach in Limon, Costa Rica. We really enjoyed our afternoon there. The waves were crashing into the shore and reminded me of a time when I swam in Lake Superior when I was about 11 years old. My drummer friend from Grooveline, Matt Jones, jumped into the surf with me and we had a great time body surfing in the waves. Grooveline is another band that performs on the ship in a room called the Wheelhouse. I’ll post some other photos of us with Matt in the future.

Drink Up NOLA

There’s no time like the present to get a drink in the French Quarter. New Orleans is the last place I would send a recovering alcoholic. The streets are like a river of booze flowing through the delta out to sea. Most everyone you see is either going to meet someone for a drink or just returning from one. While we were there we visited a few of the most venerable and famous estiblishments in the Quarter. ┬áThese are the bars that I would visit if I were traveling to NOLA and only had 24 hours.

For live jazz

Spotted Cat Music Bar New Orleans
Spotted Cat Music Bar New Orleans

The Spotted Cat
623 Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA


For live blues

Apple Barrel New Orleans
Apple Barrel New Orleans

The Apple Barrel Bar
609 Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA


For chill atmosphere at the oldest bar in the world

Laffitte's Blacksmith Shop New Orleans
Laffitte's Blacksmith Shop

Laffite’s Blacksmith Shop Bar
941 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA


Dining New Orleans Style

When we arrived in the French Quarter, I could smell the gumbo and the red beans and rice. My stomach started to growl and hunger pains took over all common sense. We quickly unloaded the car and set off on foot to find a bite to eat. When I’m hungry, I tend to be a bit finiky and prefer to choose a restaurant based on three things.

1. The aroma as I stand in front of the restaurant.
2. What items are covered on the menu card shown in the streetside display case.
3. If I can see inside, does it look like an apetizing environment to spend a few hours eating.

(Yes, I said a few hours… Ever since I went to Paris, I treat eating a meal alot more like an experience as the French do and alot less like the American style McDonald’s faster food is better.)

The first night because we were really in a hurry to get some chow in our bellies we walked a couple blocks around the quarter and my nose landed us in a relatively empty dining room. The folks at the Napoleon House were very friendly. They gave us a great list of live music venues and must see tips. Our drinks were stiff and the sampler of the most famous tastes of NOLA was the perfect way to get us started. We had a bit of red beans and rice, gumbo and jambalaya. All great Creole tastes that stick on your palate and your memory for days to come.

Napoleon House New Orleans
Napoleon House, French Quarter, New Orleans

Napoleon House
500 Chartres Street
French Quarter
New Orleans, LA

The second day, after nursing a hang over with a hot cafe late and order of bengnets from Cafe Du Monde, we decided to wander around the French Quarter and take in the sights. We had a great dinner recommendation from the owners of the world famous Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar. So around 5:10 we poped over to the corner of St. Philip and Chartres. There in a small inconspicuous dining room, we consumed some of the best Italian cuisine in NOLA. They have an excellent wine selection both by the glass and bottle. Our server recommended an excellend cabernet to accompany my steak… which was prepared perfectly.

Irene's Cuisine New Orleans French Quarter

Irene’s Cuisine
539 Saint Philip Street
French Quarter
New Orleans, LA

Here’s another great place to find out more about New Orleans Tourism.