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The Love

On our last stop in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, we got off the ship early in the morning to a light rain. We didn’t have alot of time to wander around or have an excursion. We were just on the hunt for some Jerk Chicken, a few Red Stripe beers and a couple pounds of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The first stop just outside the port was the perfect spot to hang out in the rain. They have a nice covered open air deck that juts out over the ocean and a great DJ. The first time we visited Ocho Rios, we made friends with him… DJ Tony G 11. Nothing but love and good reggae from his speakers. Jake, Benny and I at a round of chicken dinners accompanied with a salad and red beans and rice. We decided it wasn’t quite enough, so we ordered some saltfish fritters to split as the final course. Talk about satisfaction, we left with full bellies and five reggae mix cd’s made special for us by Tony. I just ripped them in my iTunes and we’ve been jammin’ out to them in our room. Super fun. We were also successful at scoring some jerk marinade, a rub and also the coveted coffee. – Respect Mon.

Jamaica Mon
Jamaica Mon

NOLA’s Mistress of Jazz

When we were checking out the music at the Spotted Cat on Frenchman on the edge of the French Quarter, we happened upon a very authentic 1930’s style jazz band. Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horn Jazz Band grabbed me from the moment we walked in the door. I stood mesmerized, tapped my feet and transported myself back to the beginning of the last century in a community seeped in Voo Doo and Creole traditions. As you will witness in the video, the New Orleans people know how to dance and party. The band just doesn’t stop and plays from around 9 until 3 am. She isn’t kidding when she says, “We’ll be back for 3 more sets.” If the joint is hoppin’ the band ain’t stoppin’.

We brought you a little piece of Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horn Jazz Band live from the Spotted Cat in New Orleans.