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Cruising Alaska

A friend sent me a message the other day about cruising in Alaska and asked for some advice. I thought maybe this would be helpful to some of my other friends who are considering coming on a ship in the future to experience all of the splendour of Alaska.

As many of you know, I’ve been performing on board Princess Cruises ships for the past two years and have been to Alaska several times.

There are a few things that you need to decide when considering your time spent in Alaska. For starters, how much time can you spend and where do you want to spend it. Obviously, you’ll need to consider your budget as well. But I’m not here to help pay your bills 🙂

Depending on if you plan to spend any time in Denali National Park or not, that makes a difference in the Princess ships you’d take. If you leave from Vancouver, on a 7 day cruise, Denali would be at the end or vice versa. Look at ships like tge Coral, Diamond & Sapphire. (We have worked on the first two and will be spending the next three months performing on the Sapphire.)

If Denali isn’t your priority & you’re more into cruising and checking out the Inside Passage, I’d get a ship that starts in Seattle like the Golden Princess. (We worked on that ship in 2012 and 2011.)

If you’re looking to come to Alaska in 2013, I hope you’ll consider joining us on the Sapphire Princess for the cruise that starts around the 20th of May.

You can check out the specifics on www.princess.com.

Changing tides

Ketchikan, Alaska
Changing Tides

I always find it amazing when the tides change on the shorelines. I’m used to the Great Lakes where the hight of the water is only impacted by the environment. So when the kelp shows up on the shores near the ship, I’m always fascinated by it and enjoy taking an up close personal look-see.