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Photos of Budapest

Folks, here’s some great shots from Europe and Hungary’s greatest treasure, Budapest.

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The Budapest Thermal Baths – Some Tips for Travelers

So, it seems to be quite popular these days to travel to Budapest. We just did and I have several friends who have been there in the last few months as well. One thing I highly recommend taking advantage of while you’re there is the Thermal Baths. What are they? Well, giant indoor and outdoor &hellip Continue reading »

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Tom Hanks Da Vinci Code Inferno

Random that we’re walking to meet some friends and there’s a bunch of trucks, security, Kraft services, “fake” rain & fog near the Hungarian Opera house…     Come to find out Tom Hanks is here shooting his new movie, Inferno by Dan Brown author of The Da Vinci Code.    Funny as this is only &hellip Continue reading »

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Food food food food, Hungarian Food

let me tell you if you think you can get fat and Italy you can. But there’s no way you could stay thin in Budapest. I can’t get over how fantastic the food is and how easy it is to find something that you were going to love to consume. You’re going to be sad &hellip Continue reading »

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