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Our follow up visit to Cafe Juanita

Good to our word, the next Monday morning as soon as we hit port and the crew were allowed to get off the gangway, we sprinted off to Cafe Juanita with about 15 musician friends in tow. As we arrived Jane and her family greeted us with smiles and took everyone’s order. One thing you should note about Mexico is there is a very different pace to service there. They enjoy making sure your meal is well prepared and that everything is perfect. They also serve the food when it’s hot and don’t wait to serve the entire group. So forget your “manners” and don’t wait for your friends plates of food to come. Just dig in when it comes. It is a bit different from service in the US, but there is something to be said for a warm friendly face and a great meal. We ended up filling the cafe to the max for Jake’s birthday and I saw our friends run to the store to get additional eggs, bacon and other supplies as we were all starving and ready to eat everything in sight.

Thanks to Jane & everyone at Juanita’s Cafe for making our visit to Huatulco so special. I hope that we have another opportunity to visit again in the future. If you end up in Huatulco, you can find Cafe Juanita at Gardenia and Palma Real | La Crucecita, Huatulco 70989, Mexico tel: 958 587 2655 or online at Cafe Juanita

Their family also runs several other businesses in Huatulco that would make for excellent visits and resources while on vacation in Huatulco….

Hope you have a chance to visit them soon. 🙂