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We found the free pancake breakfast

When we stopped in Vancouver the other week, we had forgotten about the riots from the Canucks Stanley Cup hockey loss until we walked downtown toward Tom Lee Music. We started passing all these buildings with broken shop windows and plywood walls replacing the glass. I couldn’t believe my eyes… All of the destruction covered with tons of positive messages and beautiful graffiti covering the walls.

Vancouver, I am sorry too.
Vancouver, I am sorry too.
Vancouver Artist rendering of the famous photo
Artist rendering of the famous photo
Vancouver Lord Stanley
Vancouver Lord Stanley is Proud

Then we passed this giant crowd with loads of fun tunes jamming in the street. I saw all these people eating pancakes from paper plates and wondered what was up. We asked some folks and they told us stories from the riots. They also told us stories of how many of the city’s people came downtown the day after to help clean up. The Bay Hudson building took the brunt of the violence and destruction. So Bay Hudson decided to repay the citizens with a pancake breakfast. It brought tears to my eyes when they told the stories and I wanted to share these photos with you.

Free Pancakes in Vancouver
Free Pancakes in Vancouver
You make me proud.
I wanna be a Canuck
I'm a Canuck too 🙂

Jake and I have this joke about “I’m just here looking for the free pancake breakfast.” I’m so glad the fine folks of Vancouver helped us find it. Thanks for the great memories.