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Never Know Where You’ll Make a New Friend

Here’s a little story from the first morning we joined the ship. We stayed at the Starwood at the Miami Airport the night before leaving. In the morning, we went downstairs to have some breakfast at the buffet. I was surprised at how many people were up and at the buffet. I really didn’t think about how many other people would be there because they were also joining the ship as crew. As I sat enjoying my breakfast waiting for Jake to finish making his plate and the other guys from the band to join me, a young man asked to join me. I mentioned to him that I was actually waiting for some other guys to join me and that I was saving the seats. How typical American of me to shoo him away so quickly. After about 20 minutes, I realized that the other band guys were not going to make it down to breakfast. I felt so silly having not let him sit with me. I also had realized that there were all kinds of other people in there that morning that would be joining the ship with me that day. I turned to the guy and apologized for not having him sit with us. We had a laugh about it and he said no need to apologize at all.

After we were bussed over the the ship and found our way around to our cabin, the stages, etc. our manager showed us where the crew mess was. We spent the day performing and were quite looking forward to having a cocktail together in the crew bar. When we entered the bar that night, there stood the young man from breakfast, J.C. We had a good laugh and I apologized again for being so “American”. J.C.’s a photographer on board and hails from Portugal. We’ve become quite good friends. One of my favorite photos I have is with Jake & I, and J.C., Alex and Jesse all dressed up as pirates in San Juan Del Sur at the port entry. I hope that we have an opportunity to meet up in his country some time as I understand it is a most beautiful place. If not there, perhaps we will meet on another ship. It’s amazing how many new friends you make while on board ships. I’m lucky J.C. was such a friendly guy and wasn’t offended by my initial reaction to his request. Guess you never really know who you’re going to run across and you should always be aware of the opportunities to make new friends.