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Cafe Juanita, a little slice of heaven Huatulco, Mexico

When you work on a ship for a long contract, you get to visit some of the same ports multiple times. You often get to know some of the locals and find favorite little haunts off the beaten path. On our first trip off the ship in Huatulco, we were craving breakfast. We were on a mission to find one of my all time favorite Mexican breakfast foods, Huevos Rancheros. The night before, I was talking to some of our friends from the production show about my desire to have some eggs and a real breakfast. These folks have been on the ship since January, so they know their way around the ports quite well. They invited us to join them in the morning to go to their favorite little restaurant in the town, Cafe Juanita. I had no idea what a treat we were really in for. As I mindlessly followed Elle, Franz and Benny past the beach restaurants, past their open air amphitheater through the town, and across the square I tried to take in all the sights that the small village has to offer. It really is lovely and quaint catering to the ships tourists with cute shops along the way. Now that I’ve been to Juanita’s, it isn’t very far… but my first time around, it seemed as if we were walking quite a ways. We passed a line of taxis and crossed the street. At first, I thought they were taking us to a chinese restaurant as their sign was very noticeable. Then, I saw the turquoise and red script sign.

Cafe Juanita Huatulco Mexico Travel
Cafe Juanita Huatulco Mexico

We climbed up a set of red painted stairs to the second floor cafe. Juanita’s seats about 25 people at the most and has very personal, friendly service. They offer cooking lessons and have a great menu full of local favorites including Chiliquiles and Huevos Rancheros. Jane and her family also speak both Spanish and English at their establishment offering menus in both languages. This was very helpful for me because I am a typical American and really only speak English. As I said earlier in my blog, I really wish I spoke another language.

The most fantastic part of my experience at Juanita’s was when we were leaving the restaurant and asked about coming back in the following Monday for a birthday breakfast for Jake. Jane said that they actually are closed on Monday’s. We were really bummed out as our group really enjoyed the open air breeze from the ocean and the home cooked meal. After a few moments, Jane came back from the kitchen and said that her chef would be happy to open for us on Monday morning. So we made a date and a deal to fill all her seats with our other musico friends as soon as we arrived in port.

Jane of Juanita's Cafe
Jane of Juanita's Cafe