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Photos of Budapest

Folks, here’s some great shots from Europe and Hungary’s greatest treasure, Budapest.

Tom Hanks Da Vinci Code Inferno

Random that we’re walking to meet some friends and there’s a bunch of trucks, security, Kraft services, “fake” rain & fog near the Hungarian Opera house… 


budapest film
The set is over here
Come to find out Tom Hanks is here shooting his new movie, Inferno by Dan Brown author of The Da Vinci Code.

Tom Hanks Budapest
Behind the Opera house looking at St Stephens Basilica

Funny as this is only a block from our apartment & yesterday our friends dropped us off here. When we parked, we saw the no parking signs and didn’t know for sure if we’d get a ticket.

tom hanks da vinci code
lights camera action

Looking forward to seeing this film whenever it comes out. 


Heading to Hungary

We’re off on a two week stint in Budapest. Jake has always wanted to go and after doing quite a bit of research I am equally as excited to see what the city has to offer. 

Since we have worked on ships, we are fortunate to have many friends from Hungary who have given us some great ideas and tips. I am expecting to feel quite foreign but not have too difficult of a time. I do not speak any Hungarian & after checking out some of the words & spelling & pronunciation I highly doubt we will pick up much more than the basics. But I also understand that many younger folks speak English fluently… Which will make a big difference to our experience.

I am excited to check out the art nouveau architecture and hit a few ruins bars. We’re planning a day trip up the Danube river to Visegrad. We’re also hoping to hit the opera and a concert or two of both traditional gypsy and modern local music.

Our friends have a few tricks up their sleeves, so I know this will be a great adventure.

Happy End of the Birthday Month to Jake!