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Hot August Nights & Cool Mini Cooper Rally’s

On August 3, the Guiness Book of World Recods descends on Northern Michigan. That’s right folks, if you drive a Mini Cooper and can make it up to the Mackinac Bridge, the connecting point for the 5 miles between the Lower and Upper Penninsula’s where Lake Huron and Michigan meet, you too can become a part of the largest parade of Mini’s ever assembled.

The Mackinac Bridge "Mighty Mac"

New world record attempt Aug. 3 at Mackinac Bridge

June 11, 2013 — The Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) will join MINI of Grand Rapids and owners of Mini Cooper automobiles from all over the country as they rally and attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of MINIs. The MINI rally will take place on Saturday, Aug. 3, and will culminate with a mass crossing of the Mackinac Bridge, the world’s third-longest suspension bridge.
“We gladly support this attempt at a new world record highlighting Michigan’s iconic Mackinac Bridge,” said MBA Administrator Bob Sweeney. “We will do whatever we can to make their crossing safe, secure, and memorable – as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record.”

The current world record for the most Mini Coopers in a parade is 1,450. The MBA and event planners encourage all MINI owners to use social media and other methods to spread the word. More information is available online on the MINI of Grand Rapids Facebook page: www.facebook.com/events/521093454613906/.

Contact: Bob Felt, MDOT Office of Communications,
Agency: Transportation

It just so happens that 7 Million Jigawatt’s own, Melissa Behring and Jake Tobias own a Mini Cooper. Little Lolita is going to have a chance to help break a Guiness World Record for the Largest Parade of MINI Cars at MINI on the Mack. It’s acutally a record for the most Mini’s on a suspension bridge, but who needs to get technical.

Little Lolita
Little Lolita

The Mighty Mac

The Mighty Mac Bridge
The Mighty Mac

The Mighty Mac, aka the Mackinac Bridge, connects the Upper and Lower Penninsula’s of Michigan. When I was 8, I walked it’s 5 mile span on Labor Day with my Grandma Doris. Every year on Labor Day, they open the bridge to anyone who wants to walk it. I’m glad I did it. These days, I’ve been lucky enough to get to go for a boat ride under the bridge in “Water Damage”.

Water Damage
Water Damage