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The Gig

This is how we are able to travel to so many fantastic places. Here’s a taste of the party in our lounge this past Halloween 2011 on board the Golden Princess. Thanks to our friend Bill for the video.

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Beautiful Black Sand

Strange how once in a while when you’re traveling, it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. You only have a couple hours to look around each time you’re in port and it can be very hurried. So I guess in the end it makes sense that we wouldn’t really get into snorkeling until &hellip Continue reading »

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Walking through a screen saver in Aruba

We only had one opportunity to visit Aruba while we were on this cruise. The night before, we tried to make some plans with our friends to get off the ship as early as we could once we arrived in port. We only had a few hours there that day as our ship left for &hellip Continue reading »

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