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Ole! National Margarita Day

Here’s a photo of a lovely margarita I enjoyed while visiting Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It’s a scenic island just north of the popular tourist destination of Cancun.

National Margarita Day Permanent Workation

Many of you have asked if I feel safe in Mexico. Let me start by saying yes, but… I do not venture too far from the general tourist areas. I am not looking for drugs or other ways to cause trouble. I spend alot of time in the ocean and always travel with friends. I do not drink too much alcohol while I am visiting and am always alert. Sounds like common sense, cause it is.

Stupid things happen to stupid people doing stupid things all the time. That being said, don’t be a stupid person. Always watch your back. Pretend like you have a third eye. Trust your gut, if you think it might be unsafe and your intuition feels that way, it probably is.

Melissa Behring Mexico Margarita Travel

I can never have enough Mexico in my life

Since we left cruise ships, many folks ask where my favorite destination was that we traveled to. I honestly can tell you that it’s way too difficult to decide. I’m definately a fan of Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, Austrailia, New Zeland, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the French Polynesian Islands, Hawaii Alaska, the West and East Cost of the USA. I think you get the picture. Basically, I really love to travel and can find the absolute best there is to offer in any given destination.

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I do have one thing to say though about my travels, I LOVE MEXICO. Something in the water there that makes me want to go back, over and over again. (No it’s not Montezuma’s Revenge either.) Seriously, the people in Mexico are amazingly kind and friendly. I know what the news organizations share about Mexico, it’s all violence, drugs and gangs. Well, just like every country they have their problems that are always a bit over dramatized in the press. Don’t get me wrong, there is danger… but that exists EVERYWHERE, so as a traveler, a person has to be aware and no place themselves unwhittingly into a dangerous situation. Look around, don’t drink too much, and definatly, do not buy anything in Mexico at the asking price. That entire culture is a hagglers dream.

Handy hanging travel bag for your toilet supplies
Handy hanging travel bag for your toilet supplies.

The Gulf side of Mexico has crystal clear Caribbean style sandy beaches, beautiful dive spots, secluded resorts and hot spots in the center of glamourous urban oasis. Yes, I used the word glamourous in conjunction with Mexico. Along side the fabulous beaches and loads of tequilla, they also have beautiful pottery and some pretty nifty shopping options too. In Cancun they have a full on high fashion shopping mall, personally I don’t go to Mexico to shop, but hey, if you gotta use that plastic burning up a hole in your pocket they have lots of places to do it.

Trouble sleeping on planes? Try this.
Trouble sleeping on planes? Try this.