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Icons of Russia

Sculptures and Statues of Great Patriots Adorn the City

St Petersburg Russia
An angel pulled in a chariot by a multitude of stallions.

Not only is there an obnoxious amount of beautifully jaw dropping art inside the Winter Palace, the city streets all along Nevsky Prospect and out into the surrounding neighborhoods, host larger than life sculptures of several of the historical icons in Russian culture. There are amazing statues of Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, and several other high powered Czars and dignitaries.


From all angles outside the Hermitage, in the public square, passers by are watched over by angelic dominance. Even in the center of the square, an angel sits high above the people keeping a close watch on them and the Hermitage building.


A scenic walk up Nevsky Prospect and we passed gilded buildings of gold, pink, blue, taupe with thousands of people bustling by along the way. It’s like walking down 5th Avenue in Manhattan or Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Lots of people out doing their business and loads of businesses to take your rubles.


There are many river boat tours and the barkers standing on the bridges using their megaphones to try to get the tourists to take a cruise along the scenic waterways. It’s funny, because every barker is speaking in Russian and I only speak English… However, it’s easy enough to get the idea of what’s going on by watching everyone else and see how they react to the what the barker’s saying.

Catherine the Great Statue Catherine the Great Statue[/caption]

“It’s amazing how they are all GREAT!”