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New Orleans A First Time Tourist

I know there are a million sites to look at for places to visit in New Orleans. NOLA has a charm, a fairy tale, haunted, distinctly unique Southern hospitality meets quasi-Parisian flair meets drunken fool and a Creole Voodoo Queen. What you ask am I talking about? Well, check out some of these places on &hellip Continue reading »

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Drink Up NOLA

There’s no time like the present to get a drink in the French Quarter. New Orleans is the last place I would send a recovering alcoholic. The streets are like a river of booze flowing through the delta out to sea. Most everyone you see is either going to meet someone for a drink or &hellip Continue reading »

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New Orleans or Bust

In January, Jake & I got the itch to make a drive from Detroit to Austin via Nashville, New Orleans and Memphis. We love to travel, see the country. We don’t mind riding in the car too much. Guess it’s the gypsy musician in us. We drove I-69 South from Nashville on through Birmingham, Alabama &hellip Continue reading »

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