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Thunder storms in Panama City

When we hit Puerto Amador, the port for Panama City, it was a steamy hot day and we had to tender across to the shore. We enjoyed a nice meal in port and watched as the sky clouded over and began to look a bit foreboding. It never actually rained on us, just kept looking a bit threatening. The skyline of Panama City looks like it came from a futuristic sci-fi movie. Tall skyscrapers, thin and looming in the distance and not all the building are square. It was quite a sight. After enjoying the day together, we tendered back to the ship. We had about an hour before the set that night, so we quickly got ready and hit the stage. When we started playing, it was already dark outside. Our lounge is right near the photo gallery where guests can pick up pictures from their cruise. I’ve become good friends with alot of the photog’s because of a little situation that happened on the first day… See post “Never Know Where You’ll Make a New Friend”…

While we were playing our sets, I kept seeing these great blue flashes reflecting in the ocean. I thought for sure that the guys were teasing me or testing some new camera gear out. After our third set, and the continued bright blue flashes, I knew that this wasn’t just some prank but the heavy clouds had actually created a storm and that I was acutally in the middle of a lightning storm. When we finished up our performance, we watched the storm out the port holes. Pretty amazing… Never really thought about storms being beautiful at sea.