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street art series

All over the world artists choose to create directly on the walls, buildings and streets. This series is dedicated to those works of art that eventually get painted over. Generally this artform, graffiti aka street art is unappreciated and thought of as a disfiguration to the wall it’s placed upon. data-pin-do=”buttonBookmark” data-pin-custom=”true”> Chicago, Illinois, USA &hellip Continue reading »

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Icons of Russia

Sculptures and Statues of Great Patriots Adorn the City Not only is there an obnoxious amount of beautifully jaw dropping art inside the Winter Palace, the city streets all along Nevsky Prospect and out into the surrounding neighborhoods, host larger than life sculptures of several of the historical icons in Russian culture. There are amazing &hellip Continue reading »

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Russia: Inside the Hermitage

Jaw-dropping beauty at every turn If you’re into art, architecture, the grandiose, history or interested in cultural exchange, a must do when visiting St. Petersburg Russia is spend a day or two traipsing the hallways, floors and corridors of the fantastic State Hermitage Museum. This grand palace commissioned for Catherine the Great during the peak &hellip Continue reading »

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Russia Beyond the Olympics: My Limited Perception

In the beginning of our last contract on board the Emerald Princess, we traveled to St. Petersburg Russia on two separate occasions. We spent several days exploring the neighborhoods between the port area, the Hermitage, Nevsky Prospect, an afternoon on a bicycle and more. From an outsider perspective and being an American, the thought of &hellip Continue reading »

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