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Ole! National Margarita Day

Here’s a photo of a lovely margarita I enjoyed while visiting Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It’s a scenic island just north of the popular tourist destination of Cancun.

National Margarita Day Permanent Workation

Many of you have asked if I feel safe in Mexico. Let me start by saying yes, but… I do not venture too far from the general tourist areas. I am not looking for drugs or other ways to cause trouble. I spend alot of time in the ocean and always travel with friends. I do not drink too much alcohol while I am visiting and am always alert. Sounds like common sense, cause it is.

Stupid things happen to stupid people doing stupid things all the time. That being said, don’t be a stupid person. Always watch your back. Pretend like you have a third eye. Trust your gut, if you think it might be unsafe and your intuition feels that way, it probably is.

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