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In love with Hawaii

It’s been forever since I’ve posted a story. This contract has had us much busier learning a lot of new songs and I’ve had less time to spend working on the blog. We have learned about 120 minutes of Latin songs, including several that I am singing in Spanish. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had to sing in a foreign language, it took me quite a bit of time to get the words down. The nice thing is my friends from Argentina helped me with the pronunciation… Made it much easier than doing it alone.

We finally made it to the Hawaiian Islands. We have completely fallen in love with it here. So far we have gone to Hilo and had a nice meal overlooking a pond full of tropical fish, visited Waikiki Beach in Honalulu, swam in the ocean at Nawililwili Bay on Kauai and today we are hanging at Betty’s Beach Cafe on Maui.

I know why people come here on vacations and never leave. The temperature is perfect, the sun is always shining, the trees are green with flowers everywhere. People are super friendly and very helpful.

Yesterday we met a lady from Walled Lake Michigan who came here on a vacation 35 years ago and never left. She said she really didn’t have a reason to go back home and just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving. I told the guys in e band that they might have to drag me back on the ship for our last four sea days at the end of our contract. I love the beach so much and that pretty much all there is here. Awesome.

Next cruise, we are planning to do some snorkeling, surfing, and maybe rent a car to go to some of the more secluded beaches away from the cruise ship and people.

I took a ton of pics, so we will start sharing them shortly…