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More Costa Rican Adventures

Once we completed all 25 lines, they drove us back to the headquarters in air conditioned vans. After being out in the rain forest heat and humiditiy all day, the cool air felt amazing. We arrived to find a full jug of cool water and glasses for everyone to drink. They also had a full bar with icy cold beer for purchase. After hanging around for 15 minutes more, the hostess had a lovely lunch prepared for everyone. The choices were beef, chicken or fish (Mahi Mahi) accompanied by red beans, rice, cooked veggies and a cole slaw type salad. Everyone was starving from the long day in the rain forest and grateful for the grub.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

After we ate, I walked out to the courtyard where they have a nice hammock and laid down for a short nap. Some of the other guys went on another zip line where you were strapped in by two cables and actually lay on your stomach… When they push off, the guys were actually flying like superman.

I talked to the hostess for a bit. She was originally from Germany and spent many years as a flight attendant. She and her husband relocated to Costa Rica because it was the most beautiful place she had ever been. They built the business because when she was crew attending for strangers so often, she always wanted a quiet place to go when she was not on the plane. I’m grateful for her lovely place and would have enjoyed spending a night in her bed and breakfast cabins as the area offered many other great activities that we are missing out on because of our short shore leave.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica: More to the Story

After we arrived at the top of the mountain, we were welcomed by the family who own the 70 acres of jungle and water falls we’d be spending the day traversing. They had a fantastic outdoor living room area with several couches, benches, picnic tables and a huge shade tree covering the entire area to help keep us all cool. As the group signed in and signed off on their waivers, we were encouraged to put on bug spray and sun screen. We had the opportunity to either ride down to the start of the zip line on a horse or in a car. I actually chose to ride in the car because I was a little tired. I knew we would be going over 25 cables which would take a bit of energy. It was hot too… and I still had to play four sets of music later that night. Can’t risk having a bad performance just because we were screwing off having some fun. I guess I just know my limits. A bunch of the other guys, including Jake, rode the horses down to the first zip line. Once we all arrived, we were suited up in our straps and other protective gear, including lovely red helmets. I was on a zip line once before in Northern Michigan at a retreat when I used to work for the Entertainment Book…. But that line was only about 50 feet long.

The entire zip line system took about 3 hours to complete. The entire day was spent swinging through the jungle across 11 different water falls. Some small, but others crashing and cascading many feet below our lines. It was a total adrenaline rush. They had several guys helping us out at each platform, so I always felt very safe. They taught us breaking techniques with our dominant hand and always made sure that we knew the best approach to each line. They had two lines that we actually went down backwards, rappelling so to speak. But there wasn’t always a wall to bounce back off from. Around half way through, we were able to stop for a water break. Then again 3/4 of the way through, we were able to stick our hands in the water and enjoy the falls for a quick break. There, my friend Brian stuck his head in the water. I thought that was an excellent way to cool off.