Colon, Panama

One of the strangest ports we have been to yet. Colon has a brightly colored square of building with many tourist shops selling sun dresses, native folk art and other small items. We poked our head in each shop just to see what was there. We really didn’t need anything that they were offering, so we just kept moving around the square. Best thing we found there was a grocery store called the Super 99 where they have alot of American products that reminded us of home. We bought a bunch of snacks for our room, laundry detergent, some wine and a bottle of champagne. Last night, we ate the best snack so far, a container of marinated canned octopus on some whole wheat crackers. It sounds funny, but it was just like eating a can of tuna or sardines. Since we like to eat alot of sushi and often have the octopus salad, the flavor of the canned Tora weren’t that far off what we were used to tasting at the Little Tree Sushi Bar in Royal Oak.

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