Panama Canal, the Eighth Wonder of the World

Melissa Behring Panama Canal

Being from Michigan and having spent quite a bit of time in the Upper Peninsula camping in the summer with my family, I have actually seen a locks system in action. I remember being a small child and standing next to the edge of the Soo Locks while large freighters passed through the channel. The system fascinated me as they raised and lowered the level of the water in each system to accommodate for the changes in depth between the two water ways. Having been on land and watching the process was one thing…

Panama Canal
Panama Canal

However, when we cruised through the Panama Canal that was a whole different experience. I was at a loss for words when I walked out on the promenade and saw the land so very close to the ship. It seemed as if there were only a few inches between the edge of the Canal and the side. If I could have stepped out from deck three, I certainly could have jumped across the expanse. After we went through one set of the locks, we decided to go out to the crew pool and check out the view from the front of the ship.

Panama Canal Locks System
Panama Canal Locks System

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  1. I’m loving following your blog. Doug and I love cruising. We just returned from our 4th cruise, our 3rd in the Caribbean. Love it!

    If I may offer a few pointers about site-seeing in different ports. I’d like to recommend as a website with tons of cruise information. Go to the message boards and sign up. You can view all the Princess boards as well as boards for the other cruise lines. (We’ve cruised Royal Caribbean, but plan to try Princess in the future)

    One of the boards is called the “Ports of Call” Boards. Here, there is lots of information about the ports. There are tons of recommendations for things to do and see in each port. People post their experiences in various ports, which tour guides they have used and other fun things to do in port. As well as information about safe areas and not so safe areas.

    Sounds like you guys are truly living a dream.

    Tell Jason I said Hi!

    Safe travels,

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