The White River

When we got off the ship in Ocho Rios a gang of our friends all jumped in a bus together to go on a 30 minute boat ride to a place that we heard about from some of the other dancers called the “Blue Hole”. We heard that it had beautiful waterfalls and pools of deep beautiful clear blue water. The photos really just don’t do it justice. But we had a great time diving off the cliff and using the rope swing. It was a great experience. I have some video that I will upload to my youtube channel and post here soon. (There’s a challenge with any quick internet connections and so it takes quite a bit of time to just get a photo posted.)

The Blue Hole Jamaica

More stories from the Blue Hole to come.

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  1. Jake and Melissa-sure looks like you guys are having a great time and seeing a bunch! We’ll keep watching the site and look forward to seeing you both when you return!

    Take care,

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