Swimming in the Buoyant Seas, Huatulco, Mexico

When we first got off the ship in Huatulco, Mexico, I really couldn’t figure it out. It looked so beautiful… except for this half finished set of buildings up on the cliff overlooking the bay. It appeared to be a hotel that was near completion and abandoned by some major brand. Other than that oddity, the town looked lovely. Lots of fishing boats in the harbor and some larger pleasure water crafts too.

All along the beach there are small cafe’s offering all kinds of treats from the sea and land. Lots of umbrellas, tables and chairs line the crystal blue waters to provide some shade and help keep you refreshed. I couldn’t wait to get my toes in the water and take a dip. Since I grew up in Michigan, I’m a very experienced swimmer. In fact, as a teenager not only did I compete on the high school swimming and diving teams, I also was a lifeguard on Lake Huron. In fact, I think I might be part fish… Guess that’d make me a little mermaid. (LOL) However, I haven’t spent that much time swimming in the ocean. So I’m really enjoying that part of this journey.

The temperature was fast approaching 100 degrees that day and although I like to be warm, the blistering temperatures were a bit to much for me. Before jumping in, I was super hot and sweaty. The water in Huatulco is cool and very refreshing. It’s quite salty. In fact, it has so much salt that I was actually buoyant and floated without putting forth hardly any effort to swim at all. This was my absolute favorite place to swim in the ocean.

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